Attitude is Everything.UP-ELEVATOR

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 Newest Addition P-51.......      Click any Image to go to full Page with all designs..





VULCAN MOON Click Image to see more info.  


Check out our new Design for those who are fans of Canards. The Wright way.. 

( and the Rutan Way  We might add..)




Click any image to see all gear and prices.                                  







Our New C-17 Globemaster III Gear... Check it out.. Click The Image 


There are Great People out there with an Attitude is Everything.UP-ELEVATOR Spirit that we like to see in pictures..Please send us your Aviation Up-People Pictures. We want to share them. your place for aviation apparel,aviation books,aviation mugs. Check out our Pilots Corner page for flight planning from FAA,NOAA, Etc. Visit some great websites at our Websites and Friends page. From to Jason Shappert at